Our Team

One of the things that set us apart from other manufacturer’s rep firms is our incredible team of professionals. We come from diverse backgrounds, including purchasing, manufacturing, and distribution and have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the marketplace and ensure your sales success.

Our outsourced sales and marketing team will allow you to maximize your business strategy without worrying about the difficulty of promoting and selling your products or programs. We take the time to understand the needs of our customers and business partners because our passion is maximizing the success of everyone we work with.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of independent sales reps is ready to work with you to achieve sales success is a competitive marketplace. Contact our team today to discover how we can set your business up for sales and marketing success.

greg-kowieskiGreg Kowieski
Phone: 630.588.2952

bill-heatonBill Heaton
Vice President
Phone: 630.588.2955

jeff-peiferJeff Peifer
Executive Vice President
Phone: 630.588.2974

chris-woodfordChris Woodford
Executive Vice President
Phone: 630.588.2953

mariel-aluquinMariel Aluquin
Sales Assistant/Business Analyst
Phone: 630.588.2975

ryan-anthonyRyan Anthony
Field Sales
Phone: 503.729.8345

david-araizaDavid Araiza
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 310.864.1518

wilma-araizaWilma Araiza
Sales Assistant
Phone: 951.657.9320

joe-burnsJoe Burns
Field Sales
Phone: 573.819.0946

todd-clarkTodd Clark
Field Sales
Phone: 612.801.4488

Jim Coretti
Key Accounts Manager
Phone: 630.588.1200

terry-dzierzanowkiTerry Dzierzanowski
Sales Assistant
Phone: 630.588.2972

tom-esthmanTom Eastham
Operations Manager
Phone: 630.588.2981

john-fergusonJohn Ferguson
Key Accounts Manager
Phone: 630.588.2957

john-fisherJohn Fisher
Key Accounts Manager
Phone: 630.588.2954

craig-grzechCraig Grzech
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 734.812.1201

Wayne Hargesheimer
Field Sales
Phone: 313.657.4646

bobby-heardBobby Heard
Field Sales
Phone: 847.309.2036

larry-hensonLarry Henson
Field Sales
Phone: 614.638.9080

becky-heissBecky Heiss
Sales Assistant/Whirlpool
Phone: 866.931.4670

sandra-hodgenSandra Hodgen
Field Sales
Phone: 260.367.1004

bryan-keglerBryan Kegler
Field Sales
Phone: 605.251.5910

Nancy Kolinen
Sales Administrator
Phone: 630.588.2976

Karl Kollar
Field Sales

dane-kubnickDane Kubnick
Field Sales
Phone: 630.853.9195

Jeff Mellott
Field Sales
Phone: 630.588.1200

Jerry Mills
Key Accounts Manager
Phone: 630.588.1200

sue-montgomerySue Montgomery
Field Sales
Phone: 402.218.7307

sue-nelsonSue Nelson
Sales Assistant
Phone: 651.256.4159

cathy-olsonCathy Olson
Sales Assistant
Phone: 630.588.2973

dan-orthDan Orth
Key Accounts Manager
Phone: 952.250.3927

scott-raymerScott Raymer
Sr. Vice President, Field Sales
Phone: 630.588.2959

debbie-quickDebbie Quick
Field Sales
Phone: 517.712.6610

frank-richardsonFrank Richardson
Key Accounts Manager
Phone: 630.588.2964

rachel-scholesRachel Scholes
Sales Manager
Phone: 901.604.0255

Darrell Wabschall
Key Accounts Manager
Phone: 630.588.1200

donna-weidmanDonna Weidman
Sales Assistant
Phone: 630.588.2970

Brian Wojciechowski
Key Accounts Manager
Phone: 630.588.2887

donna-zmorzynskiDonna Zmorzynski
Sales Assistant
Phone: 630.588.2960