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October 2016

What is a Manufacturer’s Representative?


You’ve probably heard the term ‘manufacturer’s reps’ tossed around quite a bit in retail, but you may not be clear on what their purpose is within the industry. These independent sales agents, from companies like Saleslink, can be extremely helpful for manufacturers and retailers alike.

Who They Are

Manufacturer’s representatives are independent sales agents. As the name suggests, they act as representatives of a manufacturer that does not have an in-house sales team.

What They Do

Manufacturer’s reps, either acting as individuals or as part of a sales agency like Saleslink, sell a manufacturer’s goods to retailers and wholesalers. The rep, also known as an independent sales rep, works on commission, receiving a small portion of the sale.

These sales agents typically represent a single industry, working for several manufacturers who sell a similar product but who are not competing with each other. For example, Saleslink works with hardware manufacturers.

Why They’re Important

Manufacturer’s representatives work for manufacturer’s who don’t have their own sales team. They can also be hired when a manufacturer wants to explore a new market, has a new product to introduce, or when it is more cost-effective than using the company’s own employees.

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Welcome to the Saleslink Blog


With over 100 combined years of successfully navigating the sales world, Saleslink has garnered a reputation for itself as a leading indpendent sales team – providing corporate sales and field service solutions to manufacturers in the Hardware and Home Center Channel. Our services allow manufacturers to focus on making the best products possible, without having to worry about traversing the retail landscape to get their products in stores.

In this blog, we’ll discuss various aspects of the sales industry, as well as any other relevant topics that we think you will find interesting. If you are a manufacturer looking for representation in sales, a retailer looking to stock your shelves with our customer’s products, or someone who is interested in the work that manufacturer’s representatives do, you should subscribe.

For manufacturers that don’t have their own sales team, there is no better company to work with than Saleslink. Our dedicated independent sales agents will work tirelessly to get your product on the shelves of retailers, that’s how our team won the Delta Faucet 2016 Retail Service Award. We also participate in many Hardware Channel trade shows.  Saleslink takes independent representation to the next level. Contact us today for more information.

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