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December 2016

Saleslink’s CRM Commitment, Pt. 2

Saleslink is committed to maintaining a strong CRM system, and that’s why we turned to Salesforce for the solution. The CRM software available from Salesforce takes care of all tracking, reporting, and communications so that we are able to focus on your success.

More than Just Reports

When Saleslink began implementing Salesforce, we knew that this was to be a business management tool, not just a call reporting and tracking tool. We focused on using this service to provide our field team, suppliers, and retailers the visibility needed to drive incremental sales.

Measurable Goals

With reporting and tracking through the Salesforce CRM, we can easily visualize and measure your individual goals. We provide an analytics package that can help us push your business in the right direction.

Expedited Success

All of the various features provided by the Salesforce software allows Saleslink to expedite sales growth for both our retailers and suppliers. We’re able to form business strategies quickly and effectively that will ensure your success.

Focused on You

The most important part of CRM is the R – relationship. We use our CRM to carefully track customer information so that we can know your business inside and out. This allows our independent sales agents to work better for your business.

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Saleslink’s CRM Commitment, Pt. 1

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is just a database for some companies. The software is used to store contact information and some notes about the client’s account, but if that is all you use it for you leave out the most important part of CRM – the R. Forming relationships with our customers is important to Saleslink, and as manufacturer’s representatives, getting to know the ins and outs of our client’s products and services is extremely important.

Functions of a CRM Program

  • Streamlining the Process
    • Our CRM software allows us to transition program, product, and retail strategy to the consumer point of contact effortlessly.
  • Tracking and Reporting
    • By tracking sales at the retail level, by sku, we are able to provide an analytics package for each individual retailer and use that reporting to develop an effective business strategy going forward.
  • Getting to Know You
    • The CRM software keeps track of all of the client information we collect, so that we can better serve you. Our highly individualized approach means that we can more accurately plan for your sales success.

CRM is an important part of Saleslink service. Stay tuned to find out exactly how our specialized CRM sets Saleslink apart from other independent sales agencies.

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