Our Reach: Saleslink is a team of experienced professionals who understand the multichannel nuances and have developed long-standing relationships that deliver results. Partnering with Saleslink allows your team to focus on the key aspects of your business strategy while still meeting the demands of the marketplace.

Our Team: Saleslink is the solution provider for those looking for a business partner who can provide the valuable link between their sales organization and the key headquarters decision makers. The Saleslink team of over 14 key-account professionals with such diverse backgrounds in purchasing, manufacturing, and distribution has the knowledge and experience to understand the needs and wants of our vendor partners and retailers and how to navigate the sales process for manufacturers looking for reps.

Expectations: We strive to be the differentiating solution provider for all of our vendor partners and to bring added value each and every day. Whether it is a new program/product needing special care getting placed and supported or a seasoned program with years of history, Saleslink has the know-how to create customer excitement. This is our expectation, this is our focus, and this is our passion.

Our Support: With the ever-growing complexity of supporting today’s retail customer comes the need for an equally complex support solution. Saleslink has a team of 11 inside sales support professionals who understand these complexities and can help simplify customer needs and expectations. From program detail insight, trade show and project management, customer portal maintenance to customer response and care, our team can be the solution to minimize complexity and allow your valuable internal resources to be maximized.

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