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$20.00 off select 60V handheld products ends 5/31. Click here for more details.


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Why Toro 60V Flex-Force

  • 3P lithium-ion pack design


  • More cells for higher capacity and power output


  • Intelligent on-board battery management system

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RunSmart™ Technology

  • Battery Management System (BMS) optimizes power, performance, runtime, and battery lifespan.


  • Encrypted communication between the battery, tool, and charger. 


  • Monitors and regulates temperature for battery protection.


  • Automatic Sleep-Mode maximizes shelf life during storage.

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What’s included?


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1 Striping Lawn Mower
Ace #7016970

2 Personal Pace Recycler Lawn Mowers
Ace #7013897

3 String Trimmers
Ace #7013897

3 Leaf Blowers
Ace #7013892

2 Hedge Trimmers
Ace #7013895

2 Chainsaws
Ace #7013894

2 6AH Batteries
Ace #7006683

12 Trimmer Line
Ace #7008771 & #7009260

Total Investment: $3,982.00

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