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Why Toro Snow?

#1 in overall snow thrower brand share

#1 in overall snow thrower consideration rate

#1 in unaided brand awareness

Customer focused innovations, such as:

24 in. SnowMaster® 60V Snow Blower

Quickly change the chute AND deflector direction in one motion with Quick Stick® chute control.

Personal Pace® technology doesn’t push or pull you. It’s self-propel that moves at your pace.

Tear through rough snow and ice in record time with a tall intake and a powerful, steel auger.


Ace: #7024553 | Toro: #39924

NEW for Spring 2024

60V MAX* 30 in. eTimeMaster™ Personal Pace Auto-Drive™ 
With Flex-Force Power System®


  • Runtime: Up to 65 minutes with 2 x 10.0Ah batteries.
  • Coverage: Mows up to 2/3 of an acre.
  • Time-Saver: Save 40% mowing time with a 30 in. steel deck and cast aluminum frame.
  • Cutting Innovation: Dual Force™ Dual Blade Cutting Technology for superior mulching and bagging.


Model #21491
Ace # 7016971

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