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Get ready for winter with Toro’s exclusive offer, receive 10% off on selected gas and electric snow throwers. Act fast because this promotion is valid on all orders placed and shipped by October 31, 2023. Plus, enjoy extended terms with 60 days dating and free freight on orders over $1,500. Don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on high-quality snow throwers at incredible savings. Get a head start on the snow season and ensure you’re well-prepared for winter’s challenges with Toro Power! Click here to view full list of pre-season Toro specials.


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Stay the Course

Minimizes clogging and routes heavy snow away from chute and back into the auger with Toro’s patented Anti-Clogging System.

Chute Control

Quickly change the chute and deflector direction with a single, smooth motion thanks to the Quick Stick® chute control.



Don’t Stop!

No shear pins needed so none to break and replace in the cold with Toro’s hardened gears and commercial-grade auger gearbox.

Gas Powered Snow Throwers

Power Clear® 518 ZE
Gas Snow Blower

  • Easy Start – Simply push a button and you’re ready to snow blow with electric start.
  • Shreds Snow Fast – Efficiently shreds through snow while reducing clogging with the curved paddles and funneled housing of the Power Curve® Technology.
  • Put Snow Where You Want It – With a touch of the hand, the locking deflector lets you aim exactly where you want to throw snow from the chute.
  • Quick Start – Starts in 1 or 2 pulls with the Guaranteed-to-Start promise. Now let’s get the job done.


Ace # 7468408 | Model # 38473

10% OFF

Power Clear® 721 QZE
Gas Snow Blower

  • Aim Snow on the Go – Quickly and easily change the chute direction without skipping a beat. Just squeeze quick shoot trigger and slide the grip.
  • Easy Start – Simply push the button and you’re ready to snow blow with electric start
  • Power to Blast Through Deep Snow – All the power to slice through more snow faster and throw it 35 feet with Toro’s powerful 212cc 4-cycle OHV engine.
  • Get a Move On – Keep moving to get the job done faster with the Power Propel.®


Ace # 7002858 | Model # 38756

10% OFF

Power Max® HD 1232 OHXE
Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

  • Power Up – You’ll enjoy years of optimal performance and dependable use with the 375cc Toro premium 4-cycle OHV engine.
  • Precision Moves. — Smooth, tight turns are a snap with power steering clearing snow 32 in. wide and 21 in. deep
  • Self-Propelled – Quickly and easily cut through snow with total speed control, 6 speeds forward and 2 speeds reverse.
  • Tackle Cold Nights with Ease – Keep your fingers toasty and enjoy a brighter and broader view with hand warmers and LED headlight.

Ace # 7027595 | Model # 38842

10% OFF

SnowMaster® 724 QXE
Snow Blower

  • Chute Control – Quickly change the chute AND deflector direction with a single, smooth motion thanks to the Quick Stick® chute control.
  • Lightning Fast – Tear through the roughest snow and ice in record time with Toro’s powerful engineered auger. A tall auger housing and beveled chute design throws snow farther.
  • Keep up the Pace – You control how fast or slow you go with the Personal Pace® Self-Propel System. The rear-wheel drive system also equips you with the best traction in any snow condition.
  • Turn on a Dime – Smooth, tight turns are a snap with automatic steering.

Ace # 7468457 | Model # 36002

10% OFF

Power Max® TRX HD
Commercial Gas Snow Blower 1428 OHXE

  • Unmatched Stability – Track driven allows you to clear snow from tough terrain and steep slopes.
  • Smooth Handling and Low Maintenance – Hydrostatic transmission for self-propelled operation, increased stability, and smoother handling.
  • Total Speed Control – Change your speed on the go with Infinitely Variable Speed.
  • Powered Precision Moves. — Powered with Toro’s king, a 420cc engine, and controlled with power steering for smooth, tight turns.


Ace # 7027593 | Model # 38890

10% OFF

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Flex Force 60V Lithium Powered Snowblowers

Power Shovel 60V
Battery and Charger

  • Shreds Snow Fast — Power Curve® Technology throws snow up to 25 feet.
  • Ultimate Power and Control. Two speeds to choose from right at your fingertips. More power when you want it, and more control when you need it.
  • Battery power – L135 battery (60-Volt MAX, 2.5 Ah, L135 watt-hours) is included and compatible with all 60-Volt flex-force power system tools
  • Super easy, no-fuss storage. The sleek, compact design means you can easily store it for quick use and have plenty of room for the stuff that really matters.

Ace # 7009697 | Model # 39909

10% OFF

60V MAX* Electric Battery Power
Clear® Self Propel Snow Blower

  • Clears up to an 15-parked-car driveway on a single charge.
  • Snowdrift Strength – Busting through thick, crusty drifts feel like a snow day with all the power to break through heavy, wet snow and throw it up to 40 feet.
  • Power Curve technology system clears through compacted snow, right down to the bare pavement.
  • Power Propel® technology blasts through the toughest drifts and crustiest snow. Use its muscle without taxing yours.

Ace # 7016950 | Model # 39921

10% OFF

SnowMaster® 60V Snow
Snow Blower

  • Quickly change the chute AND deflector direction in one motion with Quick Stick® chute control.
  • Personal Pace® technology doesn’t push or pull you. It’s self-propel that moves at your pace.
  • Tear through rough snow and ice in record time with a tall intake and a powerful, steel auger.
  • Use any 60V Max* Flex-Force battery to power any and all of the 75+ tools in the all-season lineup.

Ace # 7030446 | Model # 39914

10% OFF

Power Max® e26 60V Two Stage
Snow Blower

  • Clears up to 30 car spaces in up to 10” of snow with two included 7.5Ah batteries.
  • Heavy-duty, steel construction. Tackle years of tough jobs with confidence thanks to steel construction in the housing, frame, deflector and chute. This machine is built to last.
  • Work the cold day or night with LED headlights and hand warmers.
  • Identical to the Gas Two-Stage in Every Way, Except the Gas – Built with long-lasting, heavy-duty steel, Quick Stick chute control, and more.

Ace # 7025798 | Model # 39926

10% OFF

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