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  • 10% off the 8’ Warehouse planogram of 60 Volt Handheld products.
  • 10% off the Warehouse planogram of 60 Volt Mowers.
  • 10% off the Warehouse planogram of 60 Volt Snowthrowers.

Why Toro?

  • Dependable Performance: Toro lawn mowers are renowned for their consistent and dependable performance, making them a trusted option for maintaining lawns of various sizes and conditions.


  • Innovative Features: Toro integrates innovative features like the Personal Pace self-propel system and versatile cutting options, enhancing user comfort and providing efficient, tailored lawn care.


  • Wide Model Range: With a diverse lineup catering to different lawn sizes and preferences, Toro offers a comprehensive selection of mowers, ensuring there’s a suitable choice for every homeowner.


  • Reputation and Support: Backed by a strong brand reputation and backed by warranties and customer support, Toro lawn mowers exemplify quality and reliability in the realm of outdoor power equipment.

Show No Mercy

60V Max* Walk

60V Max* 21 in. (53cm) Recycler® w/SmartStow® Push Lawn Mower

TV # 114648 | Model No. 21323

Toro 21″ 60V MAX* Electric Battery SMARTSTOW® Self-Propel High Wheel Mower

TV # 114651 | Model No. 21326

60V MAX* 22 in. Recycler® Personal Pace Auto-Drive

TV # 114652 | Model No. 21467

60V MAX* 30 in. (76 cm) eTimeMaster™ Personal Pace Auto-Drive™ Lawn Mower

TV # 114653 | Model No. 21491

21 in. Super Recycler 60-Volt Personal Pace SmartStow Cordless Walk Behind Mower

TV # 114654 | Model No. 21568

60V MAX* 21 in. Stripe Self-Propelled Mower

TV # 114655 | Model No. 21611

60V MAX* 21 in. Stripe™ Dual-Blades Self-Propelled Mower

TV # 114656 | Model No. 21620

Discover the Advantages of
Toro 60V Max* Walk Mowers


  • Cordless Convenience: The battery-powered operation of Toro 60V Max* Walk Mowers offers the freedom to mow without cords or gasoline, providing a hassle-free and convenient mowing experience.


  • Eco-Friendly Choice: With zero emissions and lower environmental impact compared to gas mowers, these electric mowers contribute to a cleaner environment while maintaining excellent cutting performance.


  • Low Maintenance: Electric mowers like the Toro 60V Max* Walk Mowers require less maintenance than gas alternatives. No oil changes or spark plug replacements, resulting in cost savings and less time spent on upkeep.

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